And the Winners Are…..

Sorry it took me so long to get this winner post for the Vicki Courtney stuff ready!! All of my boys have friends sleeping over so can ya’ll send some love to the woman who has orchestrated an afterschool birthday party and now has 7 boys plus one little drama queen spending the night? If any of you wanna come on over for moral support – you are so very welcome.

Really though, don’t knock my doors down trying to get in.

So if you’re here what you really want to know is who won! I used the Random Number Generator to pick 3 people and I’m giving the items in the order they were listed in the original post.

So, here goes:

Here are your random numbers:

31 – Deborah Hubbard – ‘His Girl’ Bible Study Kit

33 – Melody @ Kids Cakes Dishes Laundry – ‘Your Girl’ Bible Study Kit

4 – Annabelle @ Christian Momma – ‘My Boy’ Book

Please email your addresses to me so I can send out your goodies!

Thanks again to Vicki for all the great stuff…..You’re the best blog bff ever! :)