Four Things x Six Questions = 24 Things

My friend Patty at Girlfriends in God tagged me for the 4 Things Meme…It’s amazing how much we almost forget – or that we try to forget until it’s time to fill out one of these things!
Here’s my list:

1. Four jobs I have had in my life:

Waitress at a Mexican Restaurant where NOT ONE Mexican owned or worked. I once spilled an entire tray of drinks right on top of a woman’s head. Thankfully, she was literally dripping with forgivenes.

Customer Service Supervisor/ Account Executive for a mail order company. Really cool when celebrities called in! Not so cool when a rich guy gets a ball point pen instead of his kids number one requested Christmas gift on Christmas Eve when it is too late to do anything about it. Just why would you wait to get your kids number one requested Christmas gift 2 days before Christmas?

Admissions Assistant at Clear Creek Baptist College (where Luke went to school) This was my most favorite paid job EVER. I got to meet all the families and share in the stories of how God led them to this amazing place before they ever arrived on campus. I always cried like a baby watching them move in knowing what they’d gone through just to get there. Reminds me of Shelly and her journey to seminary!

Owner- Commercial Janitorial Service – Because really, I just didn’t have enough garbage to clean up at home.

Wife, Mom, and Pastor’s Wife – The most underpaid yet most fulfilling yet. :)

2. Four movies I can watch over and over:

Lord of the Rings One, Two, and Three. (Favorite line? Aragorn in #3 saying to the Hobbits: “You bow to no one…” Kills me every time!

Gone With the Wind (Favorite line: Scarlett – “I’ll just think about that tomorrow”. The story of my life. )

Star Wars One through Six. (I always cry my eyes out when Darth Vader dies now that I know him as Anakin)

And I love watching ‘Rudy‘ with Luke. He cries like a baby every time. I cry watching him cry.

3. Four shows I watch on TV:
This should be ‘Four Shows I WANT to watch on TV’. I’m rarely home but here are the I would if I could:

LOST – It is my all time favorite. I watched 48 episodes on DVD during our vacation….I loved every second!

Bionic Woman – I spent the bulk of my elementary playground days between pretending I was Jamie Somers and Wonder Woman. I have yet to see the new series but I hear it is great…

Heroes – Haven’t watched enough of this to know a good story line but I like shows like this that are a little too fantastic to be real life.

History Channel – Anything and everything related to archaeology, Egypt, or the Early Church. Nerdvision, I know.

4. Four places I have vacationed:

Panama City, St. Simons Island, GA , Daytona Beach, FL, North Topsail Beach, NC

Give me a beach and book, people. I’m not hard to please.

5. Four of my favorite dishes:

Any and all Mexican; Onion Rings at Bullfish Grill in Pigeon Forge TN; Crabcakes at Uncle Ernies in Panama City, FL; High Point Oscar at the High Point Restaurant in Monteagle Mtn., TN.

6.Four places I would rather be: On the beach, shopping at an outlet mall, On a great road trip, At the movies

7. Two bloggers I am tagging (Because I’m not sure of two more who won’t kill me):

Brooke at The Mail Girl
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Have a great weekend!