Survey: Those Darlin’ PK’s

I am working on a project for ministry wives. The subject I am currently tackling is PK’s. The statistics I’m finding are somewhat dated and what I want is a ‘now’ perspective.

If you would be so kind as to weigh in, here are a couple of questions:

* If you are a ministry wife:

– Do you perceive your children are held to a different standard of behavior? Has this differed at varying stages in your child’s life? (i.e. is it worse when they are teenagers or toddlers?)

– Have you ever had a bad experience because of this?

– Do you have any ‘philosophies’ you hold to where your children and the church are concerned?
– Do you feel your children and family are loved by your congregation?

And this is the ouchy one:

– Do you believe people in your congregation may be afraid of approaching you if they felt your child were behaving inappropriately?

– Have you ever had a ‘falling out’ because someone did?

– Looking back, was that person justified? If not, has the situation resolved? Forgiveness given?

And lastly:

– How do your children feel about being a PK?

– Do they feel responsible for your “success” for lack of a better word, in the church? (i.e. if I mess up will the people not like my dad anymore).

-Do you ever find yourself putting undue pressure on your own children because they are Your Children?

– Do any of you have grown children who had negative PK experiences and have since wandered from the faith? If so, please know my heart is so sensitive to this right now and I am praying for that prodigal to come home.

Okay, now if you aren’t a ministry wife:

– Considering all the questions above, what are your perceptions on how your own minister handles his children?

– Have you ever found yourself guilty of expecting more of PK’s than other children?

– If your minister’s kids were behaving badly, and by this I mean something serious like bullying, destroying property, etc., would you be less likely to tell your pastor than if it was simply another friend’s child? If yes, why?

– Do you get the idea from your minister and his wife they expect their kids to be accountable in their spiritual growth and behavior?

I realize these are personal questions that may need to be answered privately through email, if at all. You may have perspective on some questions and not others. I am happy with any information you are willing to give. Please remember to be sensitive about naming names or dishonoring anyone who may read. These things can happen so innocently sometimes and I wouldn’t want anyone to have hurt feelings or get caught in a bind over this survey.

You may also have more input that is not covered by question I asked. Please feel free to give it! I really want this study to be comprehensive so I am totally open to your thoughts.

Again, I thank you for being so incredibly honest and open with me in all times past. The depth of insight you give is invaluable to making sure material is relevant.

After you talk for a bit, I’ll give you a preview of my thoughts on the subject. I can’t wait to hear from you! :)