Can You Believe This Was a Garage?

(Insert the Hallelujah Chorus)
Would you take a look at my beautiful new good-smelling carpet? (I took a picture of the Showtime Hoops for contrast..And may I say it is a most excellent toy if you are looking for something to buy your boys for Christmas?? ) I only have a minute, but wanted to show you my awesome brother-in-law and hubby’s mad carpet-laying skillz. I’ll tell you more later about how we have a special kind of hard concrete and how wild cousins can be when they have a wide open room to run around in.
Above getting carpet in my room, I enjoyed a night of being with family. There’s nothing better…Thanks so much for coming to help TJ and LB..Ya’ll are best!!
What’s next?
  • Paint the 13th coat of white paint on the door. (I painted over red..eek)
  • Clean the construction junk out.
  • Install curtain rods/blinds.
  • Cut off curtains, sew hems, and hang.
  • Move in furniture…
  • *sigh*

More soon!