Thankful Thursday

Our crazy schedule has prevented me from participating in Thankful Thursday for a few weeks. But, how can I skip Thanksgiving week and move right on to Christmas without making an effort towards gratitude?

Here are but a few people and things for which I am overwhelmingly grateful.

* Christ’s Birth. I never get over imagining what it must have been like in that cave when God in the flesh was born among men. That Mary held God wrapped as a baby boy. He could have died that very night and the sacrifice would have been sufficient, but He chose to live the perfect life as an example of what we are unable to do. I am so grateful I was one of the “unto you’s” the angels told the shepherds of.

* My Jesus Devotional – My favorite Black Friday deal at LifeWay. Beth’s 90 Days with Jesus Devo was just $10!! What a perfect book to be working through in December and into the New Year.

* LB and TJ – My Sis and Bro In Law – I am so grateful they are always willing to lend a hand. TJ came up to install our carpet in the kids’ den we are remodeling for Christmas. We had a great time letting the kids play together. They live about an hour away so we don’t get to see one another as much as we’d like.

* Bonnie Bruno – God orchestrated our friendship in every way. I don’t know what good I do her, but she is indispensable to me. :) She is a brilliant writer/photographer and is a constant source of encouragement. She is my Titus woman! Please pray for her this week as she had surgery on her hand. Love you, Bonnie!

* Our health and blessings
– I could recount so many griefs here that have happened with personal friends and acquaintances just recently. Illnesses, Injuries, Loss of Loved Ones. All these remind me once again how fragile life is and every moment should be embraced as a blessing from the Almighty. I pray for you, my friends, who are shattered right now. Your broken hearts break mine.

* Deb’s (Miss Corinthians) work with the children’s play
– My friend Deb courageously directs the kids’ Christmas play each year. Last year’s performance at our church was brilliant and played to a packed house. Deb is so patient with all these little ones and they flourish under her care. Thank you, Deb, for doing what I certainly could not. :) I’ll just stick with financing the little actor who feels he needs to be paid for all his hard work….lol

* Scripture that is God-breathed. This morning I had the most specific prayer for God and He specifically answered back with Psalm 145. I have to admit I go through significant periods of time feeling I am nothing but a major disappoint to Him. This spoke directly to me from The Message: “God is all mercy and grace – not quick to anger, is rich in love. God is good to one and all, everything He does is suffused with grace.” And that word grace reminds me once again it isn’t about me being enough, but about Him showering me with an abundant love I can’t even fathom. He knew I was a screwball when He called me so I can’t imagine He’d change His mind now. Oh I love Him so….

* The Blog Sisterhood – This is my first Christmas season connected with you online and the spirit you are all exhibiting on your blogs is phenomenal. Last year I was SO not in the mood. Does anyone else get that way? This year I am anticipating the season more because you girls motivate me to keep it all in proper perspective. What a wonderful group of friends you are. I love you dearly!

Oh how I could go on but you have other girls to visit. I’m thankful you dropped by today. :)

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