Works For Me Wednesday

I’ve posted before on the technique for properly cleaning a tub/shower, but would you like to know how to keep it that way?

Now I am the Queen of Skeptics where cleaning gadgets are concerned. I didn’t buy into the toilet wand or the Roomba. BUT – I have seen this baby in action and I’m telling you it works. All you do is push a button after you’ve finished showering. It sprays the interior of your bath with a cleaning solution and keeps you from the backbreaking work I described in my previous cleaning post. I only use the solution once every other day to make the refill last longer and still get great results.
I didn’t get one of these free for telling you about it. I’m not hosting a giveaway.

What I am telling you is – for those of you who have wondered if it really does what it claims – this handy dandy little device prevents my having to work myself to death cleaning the tub and that TOTALLY Works For Me. :)