Divine Design

Just in case anyone has been looking for me, I can be easily spotted by looking for the girl with brown paint on her tail end. Yes, I’ve been painting. The garage to be exact. Luke and I are converting it to a second den/playroom for the kids as the largest part of their Christmas. We were going to do it anyway, but finishing up now means we have an excuse to not buy as many toys for Christmas.

We are just evil geniuses that way.

I’m working on the touch ups now. Is it just me, or are white baseboards the worse? I taped them up only to have the brown leak through onto the white. Then I touched up the white which ended up on the brown again. It’s like a tennis match with paint ~ back and forth, back and forth. Where does it end??? The madness of it all has driven me to drink 5 Diet Dr. Peppers today. I KNOW. Just this morning I had decided I was laying off the the cancer in a bottle and only drinking water. Oh stinkin’ well.

I am officially in an aspertame coma.

Now what was I saying?

Oh, yes. The room. It is really coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself. Luke and I have only fought once during the project which is a miracle. What did he do you say?

Let me tell you.

After I had painted for hours, I was letting the first coat dry and inspecting what would need a second. I had it all figured out. Knew it needed some more work. No big deal.

But Mr. Tim Taylor comes along with a work light, shines it on my walls and says, “Missed right there. That is thin up there. See where you missed it? That is definitely going to need a second coat.”

Oh, ya think?

Good thing I’m a good Southern Baptist Girl. The submission clause is the only thing that kept me from knocking his block off.

Okay. So ya’ll know I’m kiddin’. I love that man o’ mine and he did paint the ceilings which I despise with a red hot heat. You could say this is one more bonding experience that makes our love grow yet stronger.
Here’s a little sneak preview of our progresss:

This is the load of junk we’ve got to move – somewhere.




I can not wait to get this thing done. If it turns out too cool, Luke and I may give the kids the other living room and commandeer this one.

Did I mention we are evil geniuses?

Stay tuned. I’m going to need help with furniture placement..:)

Gotta get back to work!