Move that Bus!

For those of you who have been following the drama

that is the Play Room, the reveal is finally here.

This is the Before shot, when the room was still a junk-filled garage:

And TaDa!!! Here’s the After:

You can’t see my curtains well but they are Pottery Barn look-a-likes from JC Penney’s.  And I do mean exact replicas for a 1/10th of the price.  Literally.  I wanted something that would work with our beloved Georgia Bulldogs without going all out and painting the parsonage walls Sic Em Dawg Red. We don’t have any art yet but you’ll be glad to know Ebay and I kissed and made up. We found a sports photographer who is selling disks of excellent action photos of the Bulldogs – particularly our favorites Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford. We are having some of the coolest ones blown into posters to hang in black frames which will coordinate with the black entertainment center. How’d you like that whole coordinate thang? HGTV’s got nothing on mine and Luke’s mad decorating skillz. I promise you he’s the only manly man you’ll ever meet who doesn’t think a focal point is what he sees through his rifle scope.

And since I mentioned the entertainment center, I should tell you that it is the darn heaviest thing I have ever lifted in my entire life.
On the day we finished the room, I ignored Luke’s protests (a pattern ’round here) and insisted we get the entertainment center moved before the kids got home from school. He gave in so we positioned ourselves on either side and he gave the three-count. On three, he lifted and I lifted.
My end didn’t budge an inch.   He yelled, “Lis! Why aren’t you lifting your end?!”
“Ummmmm. I am?”
I found a better place to grab on and lifted my end a good three inches off the ground. Anybody looking at us would think we were in the World’s Strongest Man competition carrying a refrigerator the way we were huffing and puffing. We scuffled inch by inch to the kitchen door where we had to walk down the steps into the room. I was seriously hurt by this point and couldn’t walk one more step. So I rested. While Luke was on the downhill side still holding the other end on step number two.
And screaming at the top of his lungs.   Oh, it was a fine display of team work.
I mustered all my Jennifer Garner as Elektra butt-kicking capabilities and willed myself to pick up and move on. But let’s just face it. Luke basically carried that thing all by himself which makes him like my Ben Affleck.
‘Cept My Guy is much hotter.
And our kids aren’t named Violet. Something for which I’m certain they’re thankful.
I totally get it now that I am not Elektra and I will gladly assume my feminine, delicate, flower-like role the next time the lifting of heavy stuff is concerned.

I personally believe submission is a beautiful thing, especially when it keeps me from doing manual labor that hinders my ability to walk properly for several days.

Can someone tell me how I got from room decorating to Elektra? There’s no way to recover from here people so I’ll simply bid you a Happy Thursday.

Updated: A few of you have acted shocked our church would let us redecorate/remodel the parsonage – as well you should be! We’ve been other places where this would not have been possible. I feel it necessary to thank our congregation again for allowing us to make this house our home and also for the men who finished in the garage for the simple fact they love my children and wanted them to have this extra space. We belong to the most wonderful fellowship and are forever grateful for all they do for our family!