Starbucks is SO Worth Second Place

I’ve not said a lot around here about New Year Resolutions simply because its very stressful for me to fail publicly. Most of my issues are internal and are safely between me and Jesus. But for example if I put it out there I would like to, oh say, lose 20 lbs. and in a few weeks a weight loss is not obvious, my paranoid self thinks you are thinking, “Lisa just has no follow through. All talk, that girl.”

A fact with which I would agree wholeheartedly.

But this year when a friend at church announced she would like to lead a First Place group, I was very excited. Mostly because the basis of the program is spiritual well-being as well as physical but also because this particular friend is one of those kinds of girls who will whip my sorry tail if I cheat hold me accountable and not apologize for it.

This program is based on the Diabetic Exchange List and requires a lot of charting and counting of food exchanges. It’s a little confusing at first but I’ve found all the work required to record the food has actually helped taken my mind off eating the food. Can that possibly make sense? I told our leader I felt like I was trading one bondage for another, but at least option number two won’t expand my 4-baby waist-line.

So here’s the thing. I’ve been very diligent when I know I’m going to be out for lunch to look up restaurant websites for nutrition information and decide ahead of time what I’ll eat. This way, I’m not as tempted to cheat and I’ll know exactly how to chart my food.

I didn’t look up Starbucks.

I thought I could just say no. I didn’t look to see how many calories my beloved Caramel Apple Spice had or how having it with whip cream is just a tad more fattening than without.

I pulled up to the drive thru and was thrilled to find out they offered sugar free caramel sauce. Check. I’ll have that. Then I asked if they had fat-free whip cream. Is there such a thing? Anyway, they did not so I had a fast decision to make. Do I keep the whip cream or say no? I mean really, how harmful can one measly squirt of whip cream be?

“Ohhhhh???? Okay. Give me the whip cream.”

I only ordered a Tall and got the sugar-free caramel sauce so I’m still figuring it’s not all that bad. I came home, pulled out my Live-It Sheet and logged on to Just in that one drink there are four of my allowed six exchanges of carbs and 1 1/2 of my allowed 3 exchanges of fat.

First of all, I have to say it was worth it to totally blow supper. The problem was, I had nothing left I could eat save for a fat-free vegetable that wouldn’t put me further over in one of the categories.

So I ate 2 STINKIN’ CUPS of green beans. And since green beans are basically the only green vegetable I like I get to look forward to 13 weeks of stuffing my face with them when I’ve totally messed up the rest of the day.

BUT – aside from the food part I’m really looking forward to the spiritual. I am totally a stress eater so my weight fluctuating is normally directly related to how little I am caring for myself and allowing God to care for me. This program focuses on balance and I don’t know of any of us that don’t need an exchange of that.

So have any of you ever done First Place? Another program you’ve tried that worked? Anything you are doing now?

So far I’m encouraged and I really think First Place is do-able. I would be ever so happy to get back to my pre-baby weight simply for the fact I know I’ll have to physically feel better. I also look forward to helping lead these women through the Bible Study portion and see us as focused on feeding our inner man as we are shrinking the outer one.

Blessings on all you girls. I pray God gives us each the resolve to accomplish His purposes in our lives!

p.s. If spiritual and physical fitness are among your goals in 2008 and you don’t have an accountability group, head over to CWO today to participate in Live Well. Darlene has excellent articles on the topic and has formed a free, online support group that meets each Wednesday.