What’s Up?

Well, I’m finally back! I’ve been meaning to touch base for a few days now, but alas, I had to get my kids back in school and my Christmas trees down before I could give myself the liberty to sit on the computer. Not that I haven’t been on the computer at all mind you – now THAT would be insane – but let’s just say the thought of having to come up with some type of intelligble post has ranked a little lower on the priority list than usual. I was also completely sure it was time for the kids to go back to school when I heard myself grounding the #3 boy from CO2 cartridges.

Lest you think we are training up the next generation of militia, CO2 is for paintball guns.

And if you are currently asking yourself, “what was she thinking?” consider yourself in good company because so am I. Actually, I hinted to the grandparents and THEY bought it. And just so they know, it has forever sealed them in my youngest son’s eyes as The Coolest EVER.

I love Christmas but I have to admit I’m always relieved when it is over. I have a friend whose daughter’s birthday is on Christmas Day so they always celebrate in July so she can be the center of attention instead of having to deal with all the insanity of the holidays. I’m thinking at some point the McKay family needs to celebrate Jesus’ birthday in the same manner – apart from the chaos we’ve made His special day. If I’m sounding bah-humbuggy, it’s only because I am.

On a lighter note, I have some really exciting news to share with you. If you will remember a few weeks back, I asked you a few questions about being a ministry wife. I was vague about why but the information you gave me was so valuable. It seems now is the time I need your prayers and wisdom more than ever.

To make a very long story simply long, I have written a submission for a book that is a resource for those married to the ministry. It has found favor with the publisher I am working with and in February, a final meeting is being called to decide whether or not they will actually print it. I still don’t feel I’m free to give a ton of details, but I want to first thank you for your input so far and ask you for your continued help in the process. I plan to ask more questions related to your life in ministry (if you are a minister’s wife) and I also very much will depend on the impressions of laypeople to fill out the picture. If the manuscript is left intact, I will be including quotes from your remarks in the book with links back to your blogs in a resource section. I am convinced the online community is the perfect place for ministry wives to form safe friendships that have at this point eluded them. I’m not at all suggesting we should abandon flesh and blood relationships, but I have made many friends online whom I have had the privilege to meet in person. When sensitive ministry related things come up, I know there is someone I can confide in for wise counsel without compromising my integrity or someone else’s. Technology can often be seen as the devil’s tool but I personally believe it has some redeeming value. Knowing all of you has proven that to me!

Speaking of real life friends, I get to have lunch at Cracker Barrel with Lisa at Lisa-Writes Thursday and I can not wait! I was a total dork the first time we met. I have this awful habit of being way to chatty when I’m nervous. I hope I don’t scare the life out of her this time…:)

Hope you girls have a fab Tuesday!!