I felt compelled to pop over here and ask if you girls think it is appropriate for me to tell the Librarians where I am trying to work to BE QUIET! ??

Holy Cow – They are watching the Super Bowl commercials from last night and laughing their fool heads off. During the 2 1/2 hours in which I am counting on utter silence to WORK! (Shouldn’t they be working instead of watching YouTube?) As it is now, forgive me Lord, all I can think about is Budweiser and cheese. If y’all saw this commercial, maybe you know what in the world they are laughing about but I myself am not currently amused.

So, say a prayer for me that I will love them like Jesus, ‘kay?!

Arggghhh…now it’s something about Rocky (ahhahhahahahaha)?? And parental discretion advised (heeehehehhehehhehe) ???

Oh my, y’all pray hard..:)