Just Consider it Community Service

I wanted to share a little bit of Blogology with you today because it was literally months into my blogging experience before someone clued me to this little factoid.

Do you realize if you do not have an email address attached to your blog that girls on whose blogs you comment can not respond to you via email?

For example, I try very hard to return visits but on most days I am trying so desperately to keep the underwear clean and the bathrooms from corroding that I don’t allow myself the computer time I need to get around as much as I’d like. However, what I can do is reply to your comments. It breaks my little heart to see a ‘no-reply comment blogger’ because I really, really want to talk to you!

Now some of you have elected to do this on purpose and that is totally understandable. No issues there. But, for the ones of you who were like me and were simply unaware, I’m just letting you know that you may be unwittingly cutting yourself off from communication.

If privacy is a concern, the simplest thing to do is create an email account at Gmail, Hotmail or the like and have that be your blog email address so no personal information is disclosed.

Oh well…this may not be anything in the world y’all care about but thought I’d mention it just in case….

((Is it just me or does it seem I’ve done nothing but whine today??..:)))

Have an awesome night! Mine couldn’t be better seeing as how basketball ended Saturday!

(Am I the only mom who ever secretly wished for kids to lose in a tournament so we could just stay home?;)

Okay, now I’m really going to leave. Right now. No more rambling.


Luv ya.