It’s looking like we’ll be staging our own Exodus…

I can not even begin to tell you how completely thrilled I am over the registration for our church’s womens’ retreat this year. 48 women have decided they are ready to Get Over It!

Did I mention there were 48 of us? As in almost half of 100. In Roman there are L. In Greek there are. Oh yes, girls. I am internationally happy about the 50. Considering this is roughly half of our town’s population, I imagine the grocery store and four-way stop will be significantly quieter once the last husband’s wallet has been plundered and we head on our way.

Obviously I can’t wait for the time together in God’s Word. There is nothing more powerful than a group of women who set apart a weekend to meet with the highly exalted Living One. My prayer is that we will look into the mirror of scripture and not walk away still looking a wreck. Oh yes, we have some primping to do, spiritually and physically speaking.

That primping will not be hard to accomplish as we break open this while we relax here. And eat here. And shop here. And take a break here before we return here.

I am positively giddy about this whole trip and just had to go ahead and release some of my squeals before my head popped off.

In other news, I have to share with you that I told my friend Brooke via text this morning that I dreamed about my dog Daisy last night. In this dream, there was a lion in my yard and Daisy and the lion were fighting over a piece of steak. I kept yelling to her, “Daisy, it’s a LION honey! You can’t win. Let him have it! But she kept fighting and fighting until eventually the lion killed her.

Depressing, huh?

Now I’ll really freak you out.

Tonight I told the kids to go feed the dog and one of the boys who shall remain nameless asked, “Did you buy her more food yet?” To which I replied, loudly and with concern, “NO one told me she was out of food?!”

“Oh, ummm, we thought we told you.”

Well they didn’t and after further investigation, I discovered the dog has not eaten in 2 1/2 days. 2 1/2 whole stinkin’ days!! We jumped in the car to run to the store and buy some food. I’m ashamed to say I blew it with the kids by yelling about giving the dog away for the trip there and back. (And any comments about our pet neglect are not welcome here. It was an honest mistake, thankyouverymuch.) With all that said, there were three repentant boys in the backyard tonight petting the hound out of the hound dog. I think she’s hoping they starve her more often for all the attention she got in return.

But, back to my dream. Do y’all think it was prophetic? Do you think God was trying to tell me Daisy was hungry enough to fight a steak from a lion and I just wasn’t listening? (I’m kiddin’ y’all. I’ve a ways to go before I dye my hair purple and buy myself a golden throne.) But seriously, that’s freaky isn’t it?

And considering how my dreams are increasingly getting weirder, I can’t decide if I need to sleep less or more.

Tonight I vote for more.