Sacred Interruptions

I wonder, how many of us take the time each day to recognize the finger of God tracing its way through our lives?

My dear friend Bonnie Bruno has written a book called, ‘When God Steps In’ that chronicles amazing stories of God’s work in the lives of ordinary people just like you and me. In conjunction with that, Bonnie is hosting a WGSI Challenge at her blog and it would mean the world to me, and to her, if you would visit the site to learn more.

God’s hand has been all over my universe as of late in ways I could have never asked or imagined. Bonnie has been a wonderful mentor to me and when I think of the ways God has stepped in to my life, her name is on the top of the list.

You can click here to visit the WGSI Challenge. While you are there, tell my friend I said hello! :)