Survey: The Pressures of Ministry

Since it has been a whole three days or so since I’ve asked you a question, it’s high time you put your survey shoes back on! Laypeople, stick around! I need your help, too.

I’m continuing to work on the Married to the Ministry book and the next chapter I am writing deals with the pressures ministry wives put on ourselves to look and ‘be’ the part. So my question for you is this:

Ministry Wives:

When your husband was first called to ministry, what were your first thoughts about things you needed to do in order to ‘fit’ the role of ministry wife? Did you feel the need to change your style of dress, hair, and/or makeup? Be more submissive and/or pious? I think those two things top my list but I’m certain there are many things you can add.

Also, how has your experience changed from when you were first called to ministry until now as far as what types of pressure you put on yourself? Do you feel your congregation is pressuring you more to ‘be’ or ‘do’? What would you like the congregation to know in terms of their being accepting of your individuality and gifts?

Lay People:

Do you sense your pastor’s wife puts too much pressure on herself to be perfect or fill all the open positions in the church? Do you believe the congregation plays a role in that or is it more something she does to herself? What would you like for her to know in regards to what you expect from her?

Okay, fire away. I really need to hear from you! I’ll follow up with some responses in comments.

Have a great Wednesday!