Okay, I’m going to spare you a rundown of all the Idol contestants because a music critic I ain’t. I can just tell you my Top Two Loves:

1. Jason Castro – One word: Hallelujah. He sang it perfectly.

2. David Archuleta – What a stinkin’ doll. I want to squeeze and squish and shrink him and hang him from my rear view mirror. Wait, didn’t someone already say that?

And my Top Two who I don’t love so much:

1. Danny Noriega – He’s just way too girly for me. I’m so sorry. I promise I’m not a hater but he’s just TMTH.

2. David Hernandez – Not sure what all the fuss is about?

I also have to take back an original comment I made to my new friend Queen B. I didn’t think I liked Chikezie because I thought his name was made up and funky. I didn’t know it was African and how completely sweet he is until I saw a video interview. So, I take it back. He’s still not my favorite but I’m over the name thing now.

So who are your faves/notso faves?