There and Back Again

As evidenced by my extended absence, it’s been a few more crazy days around here. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on in the McKay house:

The First Born had his 12th Birthday party after school. There were 11 wide-open young men at my house with an abundance of energy and appetite. I didn’t have it in me to do a sleep over but I think they were all pretty well sick of being together by pick-up time anyway.

Or maybe I was the one sick. Sometimes it just gets hard to tell.

I really wish I had been a blogger when I had the First Born’s first birthday party. I was totally June Cleaver on crack. I invited at least 100 people and even handmade the centerpieces for all the tables. Our parties have become decidedly less elaborate as my mothering skillz have been depleted.

Rain, glorious rain. Had it been sunny, we would have been playing a practice baseball game.
I was able to sit and write a good part of the day which was a necessity. Have I mentioned how in over my head I am with this book project? If it gets done, it will only be through a mighty working of the Holy Spirit’s power. I have to also say that I am still overwhelmed to think I actually have a real writing deadline!! I am wonderfully freaking out!

I was 30 minutes early to church. 30 MINUTES! I have no idea how it happened. The skies opened up to form a funnel of favor from the Father (say that 5 times fast) in the form of the kids getting along with one another. You had better believe I strutted through the offices to let everyone know I was there early, too. Luke was just as shocked as the rest of the punctual faithful. It’s like a whole new world being in the church before Sunday School starts. I may try again next week.

After lunch we went home so I could clean the house like a madwoman to get ready for my mom in law to stay with the kids while Luke and I went to Montgomery to arrange the details of our church’s summer missions trip. Don’t you fuss at me because I cleaned on a Sunday. My ox was in a ditch, ‘kay?

We joined up with some friends from Huntsville and traveled to Montgomery. We visited the same housing area where we ministered last year and I was able to see one of the women who was born again in my little ‘Girl Talk’ group. Y’all, Josephine has been drug free for 10 months now and is still faithfully attending the Community of Hope church who sponsors our work there. It was so wonderful to see her. I’ll be writing more about our encounter in my CWO post for Friday.

That night, we ate at Outback. I first thought I was going to be a good girl and stick to my diet but the Bloomin’ Onion and Cheese Fries were just too much to resist. Eating all that yummy food was pure bliss.

My belly thought otherwise. I thought Luke was going to have to take me to the ER. Needless to say, I’m back on First Place not out of desire but necessity.

In other news, I also made a horrific discovery that affects my love of Starbucks.
Brace yourself: They no longer have free Wi-Fi unless you are a TMobile customer.

Please explain to me why I should pay $4 for a cider and then PAY to get online? And does anyone really have TMobile? I’m all IN Verizon, baby. No other way to go, unless you are in Starbucks and wanting free internet.

I’m still mad about it but not mad enough to drive by the next time the caramel spice craving hits. Those evil baristas know exactly what they are doing.

We got home late yesterday afternoon and walked in to the smell of roast and veggies wafting its way through my home. Have I mentioned my MIL rocks? We were able to eat quickly before time to take all three boys to 3 different ball practices. Oh, yeah. It’s full on.

And now you are caught up! I’ve written most of the day again, got a good measure of study and research done, and am now on my way to Awana. I have 47 emails that require my attention so if you are one of those, be patient with me…I’m working on it! :)

So, the question that now begs asking: Did you even care?

p.s. Extra credit if you know what the title of this post refers to……..