Everything’s Funnier After 1 a.m.

UPDATED: Here’s a group shot…Aren’t those some fine lookin’ ladies??

I’ve just returned from my church’s annual women’s retreat to the Smoky Mountains and I have but one word for you:


However, there is no amount of tired that can trump the ridiculously great experience of a weekend with God and 50 of your closest girlfriends. I don’t know that I have ever laughed as hard over things that were any less funny than I did Saturday night.

I’ll be recapping as soon as I get some pictures from our resident photographer, Cheryl, but for now I just wanted to make an appearance in case you are really sick of looking at ‘How to Clean Your Shower’.

To the girls who went on the retreat: Oh, how I adore you. Know I am praying for you today that Satan will flee from your darlin’, refreshed selves. Remember, we ain’t dead yet!

So you know what I’ve done for the last few days. What did you do over the weekend?