Check Out The New Gig!

So I hinted a few weeks back that I’d be doing something a little different with Christian Women Online Magazine. That something is a new column called, (insert some bugle blowing here) The Preacher’s Wife. :)

In this column I am encouraging you ministry wives to submit questions you’d love to have answered about your lives in ministry. Are you dealing with conflict? Don’t know how to dress? Not sure what your role is within the church? Ask away and let’s look at scripture together for your answers.

But WAIT – this column is not just for preacher wives! This is also a place for laypeople to express things they want their ministry families to know about them and to ask questions that will build relationship between the congregation and its leadership.

I’m convinced we can’t effectively reach out if we are unhealthy within. A huge part of being able to minister to a dying world is for the Body of Christ to be operating as He intended. I pray this new column will be one small tool for promoting that very thing.

So run over and take a look and by all means, start sending me your questions! I’ll form future articles out of your responses.

And feedback, girls! Give me feedback! If you have an idea of suggestion for how this area of CWO can be most beneficial, I’d be grateful to hear it.

Also, I want to be sure to point you to the totally fresh Internet Cafe’. Amy and Lori have re-styled and re-purposed this area of the magazine and if you didn’t love it already, you’re certain to make this a daily visit now. Run over for your daily cup of inspiration!

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