Oh How I Love Me a Banquet

UPDATE: Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet emails of encouragement! The banquets are now over and I can not express to each church whom I was blessed to serve this weekend how much I enjoyed spending the time with you. I love God’s Word more than life and it is a privilege to open it wide and meditate on its wonders together.

Praying God’s blessings on each and every one of my new girlfriends I met this weekend!


Just popping in for a moment because I am majorly coveting your prayers!

I am so excited that in a few hours I’ll be heading to my friend, Lisa-Writes’, church to speak at their women’s banquet. The theme absolutely rocks – Taste of Italy. I can’t wait to see what all they’ve done to incorporate that into the night. Don’t you just love being a woman? You would think at some point that one church’s banquet would more or less look like another’s but I’ve yet to be disappointed at how each groups unique personality shines in their women’s events.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m headed over to speak for my girlfriend Carrie’s church. Several of the women there are great ballfield friends and a few even attended our church’s retreat a few weeks back. There is nothing like living in a community where there is truly sisterhood among the churches. I love these girls and can not wait to hang out with them for the night!

So back to the prayer. I always get nervous. Always. Would you pray that the Lord Jesus settle His Spirit over mine? That He would envelope my words with His? That the girls at these two events would leave infused with a little more courage to be Steady Ones for those coming along behind them? I feel the power of prayer when I’m trying to communicate a message God has placed on my heart but I’m also aware of the confusion that Satan uses for interference. Pray I’d be clear-headed and focused and that my heart would not fail. As anxious as I can get in my humanness, there is one promise to which I cling – I can fail but God can not. I believe in Him for a modern-day Pentecost where women will hear in their language what their spirit needs to be energized.

Thank you in advance for the prayers I know you’ll whisper on my behalf. What a wonderful group of girlfriends you are!