Flood them for me, please???

VBS Week 2008 has been fruitful in more ways than one. It appears there has been a slurry of new bloggers out of my little hamlet! And guess what? They are all 17 and under! My three young buddies have decided to join the “MySpace For Old People” and jump into Blogger Land. Here they are, in no particular order:

Amber – Rocks in Your Shoes: Amber is the awesomely tanned teenage daughter of Deb at Miss Corinthians. Luke has tried to convince her to wait for one of my boys to marry but so far she isn’t going for it. It’s so unfortunate that betrothed marriages are no longer the rage. She will make someone a great wife seeing as how she has some mad kitchen skillz.

Jake – A Day in the Life: I was at the hospital with our forever bff’s, Kim and Maury, the day Jake was born so to see my boy bloggin’ thrills me more than you can imagine. It kills me to say he will be 15 soon. Beware of Gray Dodge trucks when that happens.

Hayden – Life Is Good: Hayden is the kind of guy every mom wants her son to be like. He and Jake’s brother, Elijah, have worked themselves to death all week in VBS helping lead music. I am so proud of these 7th (almost 8th!) Graders who are bold in their faith and aren’t afraid to act crazy for Jesus. The younger kids look to them more than they know. If Hayden and Elijah say wearing hula skirts and dancing in front of 150 people is cool – then it’s cool.

UPDATE: Houston, we have another blogger. His name is Justin and is best buds with Hayden. The kid has a smokin’ pitching arm – as does his little bro who happens to be my Son Two’s pal. Go see him at Welcome to the Jungle!

I know blogging time is at a premium, but if you’d leave these kiddos a note to tell them how much they rock I sure would appreciate it – and so will they. :))

Peace out!