How Does Your Garden Grow?


Remember everyone, this isn’t just for flower gardens and you don’t have to be the cover for Southern Living to participate. You are more than welcome to tell us about your favorite outdoor retreats. For example, is there a porch swing, a gazebo, a hammock, etc. where you love to take your morning cuppa and Bible? Do you grow veggies? Are you an apartment/condo dweller with a patio garden? We want to see !

The time is fast approaching for our Spring Garden Tour. I hope you are getting as excited as I am about visiting one another’s outdoor spaces to see what’s growing on! (hardy har)

I’ve been busy working in an area in front of my house that was really overgrown until recently. We’ve taken out a lot of dead plants, weeds, etc. and are slowly but surely replacing them with some of my perennial favorites. Remember, I told you I love low maintenance!

As a preview, here are just a few things I’ve been planting:

Russian Sage: Smells wonderful and butterflies love them. We already had two or three flying around before I ever got them in the ground!

Lantana: The girl at the nursery told me this little beauty would get enormous. I’m thinking I should have bought more than one but we’ll see how it does. They bloom yellow, orange, and pink and also attract, you guessed it, BUTTERFLIES!


I love the blooms on this little pretty. The foliage is really great, too – It just floats on the breeze.

Verbena: Another butterfly haven. If you plant it, they will come…..

Vinca: The only annual I’ve planted so far. They love hot, full sun so I’m hoping they will do well where I’ve planted them.

Lavender: I’ll be planting this in a pot for now. I can’t even describe how great it smells!

I got all of these plants at Lavender Mountain in Rome, Ga. I’d never been there before but, girls…oh my goodness. Their garden section is just luscious. The darlin’ woman working there was an enormous help in choosing the right plants for the area I needed. I have no idea how to group flowers so I am so glad a pro was there to give me a few pointers.

Well, that’s all I’m telling you for now except that as of this morning I have all of this in the ground and hopefully it will fill in a bit before the Tour. Or better yet, I hope it all isn’t dead before then. I took a few pics today to be safe.

So don’t forget – Mark your calendars and join in! I’ll put up a Mr. Linky on Friday morning for you to link your post.

I can’t wait! :)