This is How We Roll….

If you aren’t yet convinced that the McKay’s lead a thrilling life, I should tell you what we did yesterday.

We rolled change.

Lots and lots of change.

Other than the fact it took hours and got my hands some funky dirty, it was actually pretty exciting. See, Luke and I have been saving our coins since Christmas in hopes we would have enough by July to pay for our gas when we go on vacation to Florida. Though that was a lofty goal in December, the gas hike has since made it essential that I clean out every old purse, dig out the sofa cushions, and look under the carseats for every spare nickel. And of course Luke helped the most by emptying his pockets into the change jug every day. We were like two stupid kids trying to hurry and finish counting so we could see how our diligence had paid off.

After all that work the Grand Total Was…***drum roll**** $297! That sounds great until I tell you that it takes $150 to fill up Suburban one time. We are praying we can make it on 2 1/2 tanks round trip so we almost, almost, have enough in our stash to make it. I’m so stinkin’ excited that the change we barely missed is going to help so much!

Which makes me curious – do you girls and boys have any tips for saving money on vacation? With a family of six, I need all the help I can get. What are some fun things you do that cost very little/no money?