The Boy Can’t Help It

Luke and I had the most hilarious conversation yesterday and it involved you girls – yes, you whom he lovingly refers to as my Imaginary Friends.

Apparently he hasn’t read my blog in a few days so he decided to catch up. After a few minutes he turned around to me and said,

“I absolutely can’t believe you blogged about your toe. And more than that, I can’t believe anyone even cared! I can just see me, a guy, telling the world about my hurt toe and some other dude actually replying (in an effeminate voice), “Oh, I’m so, so sorry about your toe…I hope it gets better…”

Oh, the boy just doesn’t get it. Does yours?

That’s the beauty of blogging. It’s girl talk on steroids. You know, my toe pain consumed the better part of my whole week. Affected how I walked, how I whined talked, how I moved through this world. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a sharable moment. And whether you really cared how much it hurt, I don’t know. But you were sweet enough to act like you did and for that I am forever grateful. BTW – It’s all better.

As for now, I’m washing piles of laundry in hot preparation for leaving on vacation Sunday afternoon. We are still in a ball tournament an hour plus away. My other boy is having a ball party Thursday on the same night as our Church Girls’ Group so there will be some creative attendance going on there. BUT the good news is that my editor no longer wants my book manuscript early which means I am back on schedule – further proof that there is a God in heaven and He loves me very much.

Hope you girls are enjoying these last few weeks of summer and that it’s been full of great times with your family. See ya in a bit!