The "Y’all Gotta See This"… Giveaway

It’s a fact of my life that I never win anything. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have one friend who is currently at DollyWood with tickets she won on a radio station or another who is going to stay at the Opryland hotel for three days with a prize package she also won on the radio. Geesh.

Understandably so, I was thrilled last year when I won my first thing ever – Sue’s Praise and Coffee Giveaway. In fact, if you’ll remember, my prize caused an all out ruckus at our house.

I don’t know if we are short on ruckus-es or if God is just being sweet to me, but I just found out from darlin‘ Yvette at Charm House that I won her first giveaway! And y’all. This isn’t just any ‘ole giveaway. Look at what all is in this basket of southern love!

If you’ve never visited Yvette, you simply must go to this post of hers. It is of her beautiful garden. Props will go to the girl who can figure out what my favorite thing is in it.


This is the perfect opportunity to announce a little Summer Giveaway of my own.

Are you ready for a blog makeover? Then this giveaway is for you! I have a blog design (Package A) from my friend Amy at Split Decisionz. Go HERE to browse her portfolio – you’ll love what you see. I’m also including three credits from iStock photo so you can pick out the perfect graphic for your new design. Amy has a waiting list but the winner will be contacted as soon as her order pad re-opens.

You don’t have to jump through hoops to enter. Just leave a comment here and a winner will be randomly chosen on Saturday, July 12th!

Happy Summer!