We Have a Winner….But Wait, There’s More!

In a very scientific approach to arriving at a winner for the Blog Makeover GiveAway, I asked Son Three to pick a number between 1 and 68. I should have known he would choose his baseball/football jersey number which is….

Liz, you are the grandprize winner of a Blog Design by Amy at Split Decisionz. Send me your email address and I will forward her questionnaire so you can begin the process.


Do y’all remember my sweet friend Yvette from Charm House who sent me a basket of Southern Goodies I won in her blog giveaway? If you will recall, during my Giveaway post I said props would go to anyone who could guess my favorite thing in her garden. Well, Yvette had another secret little giveaway for you girls who tried to answer by visiting her wonderful site. Firstly I’ll tell you my favorite thing was the Georgia Bulldog gnome! You can take the girl out of Georgia, but not Georgia out of the girl..

Secondly and most importantly, as a thank you for visiting Charm House, she would love to send each of you who mentioned her garden a Handmade Chatter Tile. You can find the information on how to claim your gift here. The surprise winners are:
RR Mama
Courtney at Splashing Grace
Beyond this Moment
Kim at Connor Coles Mom
Cat Granny – Email
Broooke at The Mail Girl
Mary Beth at The Back Forty (I think you mentioned my favorite thing in the basket Mary Beth but since it was an honest misunderstanding, Yvette is sending you a tile, too. lol)
Isn’t this the coolest thing? Thank you, Yvette for such a fun giveaway and for surprising these readers. We are all blessed!
You girls have a great weekend. The next time you hear from me I will be at the beach…Wahooo!