We Pause This Program….

….for a couple of announcements.

Announcement Number One:

I felt compelled to let you girls know that if you are planning on going to the Siesta Fiesta, YOU’D BETTER GET YOUR TAIL TO THE SIESTA FIESTA BLOG, pronto. I am on information overload from all the details flying over there. (Not to mention you’ll want to see a great picture of Kim in her entirely appropriate PJ’s). Feel free to shout out here if you will be in San Antonio….Only 3 weeks! I’m fluctuating between little squeals and bouts of nerves thinking about All The Traveling.

Okay, Number Two:

Do you Twitter? I have to admit, since I’ve been incredibly busy with the book writing my blog writing has suffered. BUT – Twitter is a little micro-blog application where you can type a couple of sentences about what’s going on.. Like I need another reason to play on the computer but I personally think it’s a blast. If you’d like to follow my updates, go here.

If you DO Twitter and are having problems viewing your replies (due to technical problems on Twitter’s end), I’ve just discovered you can see replies with no problem through Twhirl. I’m not even going to explain it, just go to the website if you are wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

Okay, that’s all! My mind rests easier after information purges.

You’re welcome.