Survey: When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Hello, my sistahs!

As of today, August 1st, I officially have *deep breath* ONE MONTH to complete the Married to the Ministry book manuscript. I have two chapters left to write and if I work day and night, I might just get this thing finished. This would be one of the reasons I’ve not been writing here regularly. I hope you are forgiving me in advance. I just want you to know how I sincerely appreciate your visits and to apologize for not coming to see you like I so desperately want. The problem is, YOU GIRLS SUCK ME IN with your funny, your wisdom, your teaching, your links..You name it. Once I get started, I just can’t stop and that’s not a good thing when the deadline gun is cocked and loaded. Also, I have several requests to be added to the M2M Blogroll. I’ll be updating that this week in case you are wondering why your name is not yet appearing. I’m just behind, people! :)

If you are looking for a reason to pray a little longer and harder for the month of August, I’d be delighted if you’d call my name out to God. That he would give me focus and clarity of thought. That He’d tell me what He wants you girls to know and that it would be straight from His heart to yours. That’s my only desire – to see Him glorified and you encouraged as you pour your lives out to serve Him.

Okay, let’s talk about our next Survey. Today I’d love to know your thoughts on moving.

Ministry Wives:

1. How often have you moved in your ministry? Does your denomination ask you to move involuntarily at times?

2. Have you had any very difficult ministry moves?

3. How do you prepare your children (if applicable)?

4. Do you have tips for ministry wives in getting settled in a new place or saying goodbye to an old one?

5. Does is bother you if you are compared, positively or negatively, to previous pastor’s wives?


1. What is the typical reason pastors leave your church?

2. Do you find yourself working harder within the Body during his ‘honeymoon’ period?

3. Do you maintain a relationship with ex-minister families?

As always, these questions are just discussion starters. Feel free to jump in with any of your thoughts on the topic.

Again, I thank you for your insight. You’ve no idea how much your comments have helped shaped the content of this book and helped me to make certain the issues you are facing are addressed. I love you dearly!