Finally, A Diagnosis…

Apparently, being 77% Right-Brained is at the root of many of my issues. Here’s what Mind Media had to say after I took their handy-dandy brain test:

Lisa, you show a strong right-hemisphere dominance with somewhat of a preference for auditory learning, a combination which often causes significant cognitive discomfort and indecisiveness.

You are likely verbally fluent and can be a charismatic speaker, perceiving entire complex relationships and letting that understanding intuitively guide what you say. In this regard, you have many of the attributes to be an outstanding teacher. In addition, you have enough visual capacity to be multidimensional when necessary, although your natural tendency is toward sequential processing.

Even though you tend immediately to perceive the “whole picture,” your auditory mode provides a natural vehicle for analyzing and listening and maintaining breaking it down. You organize with difficulty and you find yourself experiencing a lot of internal conflicts in your learning and life patterns. The preference of auditory learning indicates your basic reflectiveness coupled with a tendency to process information sequentially. At the same time, you retain sufficient orientation towards visual learning to integrate.

Oh, and my favorite sentence:

With this combination, you are likely continually telling yourself that you “have to get on top of things”and, at the same time finding out that it doesn’t happen that often. You find yourself fighting yourself much of the time.

Are these people hiding in my closet?

Thanks, Bonnie, for the fun link! Now I’ve got to fight myself to get back to work.

Seriously, I’ve got to get on top of things.

As if.