Various and Sundry

I just love fun little gadgets and I’ve just discovered a new one from Blogger. See that little box of people in my right sidebar? Those are my imaginary friends who read this blog!

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to look over there and see your faces. It also makes it easier to pop in and make visits to those of you who honor me by dropping by my place from time to time. If you want, I would be thrilled for you to add your face to mix by simply clicking on ‘Follow this Blog’. Please? I want to know who is out there! :)

In other news, I am leaving in the morning to teach a Bible retreat in the Smoky Mountains. I would SO appreciate your prayers! This is the Sarah: Woman out of Control material I told you a bit about. As usual, I’m nervous but I suppose in a good way. I told my friend Patty that if a day comes when I cease being scared when I presume to teach God’s Word then that will also be the day I quit.

So there.

In other news, I’m so hopping mad about price-gouging at the gas pumps I could just die. As soon as it was announced that Ike had shifted towards Houston and several oil refineries would cease production, gas jumped to 5 STINKIN’ STUPID DOLLARS A GALLON at some of the independent stations in our county. The stations whose prices remained in the $3 range each had no less than 40-50 cars lined out of the parking lot. It was like the 1970’s all over again.

At first I was determined I wouldn’t buy into the mayhem but then remembered I have to drive to Gatlinburg tomorrow. I would have been double hopping mad if I had to pay $5/gallon at all the other stations tomorrow. SO, totally against my will, I sat in one of those ignorant gas lines and filled up. Gas had better be $5 tomorrow or I think my head will go ahead and pop off my shoulders.

Have you figured out by now I can be a bit of a ranter?

Oh, well. This is where I get to apply the lessons I’m about to teach this weekend. I can’t control nor manipulate my day-to-day existence and expect any kind of lasting fulfillment. Only in letting go can I receive the fact I am supremely blessed in the here and now. Thank God, there is also a hereafter that promises more than I could ever ask or imagine and in it there will be no hungry babies, hurricanes, or overpriced pumps.

Praise the One who has it all under Control!