I’m back from this weekend’s retreat and wanted to pop in for a tiny second to thank all of you who let me know you prayed. I’ll leave it to the girls who attended to say if it worked or not but I can safely say that if God didn’t speak to another soul, He surely did mine.

I was supremely blessed to have my daughter along with me. We celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday and I’m still gushing over the fun of it. I’ve discovered she’s got much more fashion creativity than her mother and that her Aunt Laura Beth has some mad Balloon Retrieval Skillz. That is a post unto itself.

I also got to spend the weekend with my BFF in the whole world, Kelly. I may not get to see her for months on end and yet we pick up just like it was yesterday every time we get the opportunity to reconnect. And btw, she is a famous country music video star. Through their work for St. Jude, Kelly became friends with a new artist named Bartlee Norton and is in his awesome debut video. Y’all check it out! From what Kelly says, this man and his wife are godly servants and he is definitely someone to watch. Kelly is the mom in the kitchen. Also and unfortunately, she dies in the end.

I’m still not over it.

I’ve got lots to share from the weekend but for now, I’m toast. Thanks again for all your sweet comments, prayers, texts, and emails. They meant the world to me.