Basically What We’re Gonna Do Is Dance

I’ve been dying to use that for a post title.

Even though I am no fan of Vanessa Hudgens and the idea of dancing in the street with glow-in-the-dark sneakers is a little cheezy, you’ve got to admit that her token Disney diva song can be quite catchy in an annoying why-am-i-singing-this-instead-of-Amazing-Grace kind of way. And if you don’t watch Disney 24/7 like we do, you have no idea what I’m talking about. You’re the better woman for it.

Trust me.

So, we are getting ready for The Girl’s Slumber Party where there will be dancing and all manner of make-upping, hair-fixing, and manicuring. And lots of Barbie-playing. Oh yes, there have been frantic preparations going on around here.

The first order of business was to get Barbie’s house cleaned. You may be thinking, “Well, how hard could that be?” Some of you Twittered with me about that but I need for y’all to understand we aren’t just talking about any little Barbie house. Yes, she may have smaller homes dotted across the country but her Alabama estate is located in my playroom.

I’m so upset because the camera is taking fuzzy pictures. I can’t figure it out for the life of me but maybe this is enough to give you a visual of the monstrosity that is Barbie’s mansion. Apparently, some things have been going on in the house which I would not approve of considering the fact living room furniture was in the bathroom and the commode was in the kitchen.

That Barbie is such a slob.

I also found Ken with his arm broken off in the laundry room. I can only imagine he acted inappropriately towards Barbie so her dad and three brothers took matters into their own hands.

A foreshadowing of what will happen should any boy get within three feet of The Girl.

Ken says to consider yourself warned.

The Girl and I removed all the furniture and mopped the floors. It’s pathetic that Barbie’s house is cleaner than mine.

And since we are showing off The Crib, it’s only fitting we reveal what Barbie has in the garage. Two identical VW’s – one for each color outfit Barbie may be wearing that day. And of course we have a Jeep for when Barbie needs to indulge her inner Sarah Palin.

I’ve seriously got to get off the computer to get ready for the party. Shout a prayer for me tonight! But hey, I have an idea for a birthday party blog carnival. I’ll tell you about it soon!