The 411 on the 911

Y’all, I’m so excited. I got to call 911 this weekend.

Don’t worry. There were no injuries except to my ego after my beloved Dawgs lost to Nick Satan Saban. We went to my friend Karri’s to watch the big game with a bunch of church people who took much pleasure in rubbing our faces in the fact we lost and St. Richt cussed at half-time.

Oh, yes he did. The quadruple replay on TiVo confirmed it.

We got home semi-late and I accidentally crashed in Son Three’s bed after saying his prayers. I woke up about 3 a.m. to the sound of Daisy the Beagle barking her fool head off. I went in the backyard to check on her and thought I saw people in the front lawn of the church.

I ran to look out the bedroom window and saw two figures next to our sign. Being the brave girl I am, I woke Luke up and shoved him out the door to check things out. On his way he told me to call the police because we’ve had a couple of problems around the church as of late.

So I called, gave the info, and hung up. That’s when it hit me.

What if the people messing with the sign were our church friends (some of whom were deacons) putting some obnoxious Go Bama sign out for our benefit Sunday morning? I ran to the phone to cancel the 911 call.

And then thought better of it.

Cause really. How awesome would it be if they ended up scolded by the PoPo (that is Poe as in Edgar Allan – not the other) to get them back for messing with us? And it’s not every church member who can say they their preacher’s wife called the cops on them.

And did I mention I wasn’t always a preacher’s wife? Let’s say the mischievous streak still shows up from time to time.

About then, Luke came back in the house and I could not wait for him to tell me the cops had busted a deacon or two. Turns out, it wasn’t the deacons.

It was two dudes on horseback.

Seriously. Where do I live?

I tried so hard to wrap this up in a pretty little bow with some witty one-liner about why two dudes would be on horseback at 3 am on the front lawn of a church but it escapes me.

At least anything appropriate escapes me. There’s still the issue of the cowboy movie set on a mountain of broken back that I can’t quite get out of my head.

And heavens no I didn’t watch it.

Oh goodness. This post took a terrible turn.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post something Jesus might be proud of…