Is Your Pastor Boring?

That could be a problem if you are married to him.

My article for Christian Women Online this month answers the following question submitted by a reader:

“Few people realize the dilemma of a pastor’s wife. Her husband is the ONLY preacher/pastor that she ever has! This is great, if he is a good preacher, but what if he is not that great a preacher? Is she doomed to spiritual starvation and boredom as she sits through his sermons each week?”

I have to admit when I first read this question I was a little surprised at the rawness of it. But, as I did some background reading in preparation for writing this article, I was shocked to find how common it is for pastor’s wives not to attend their own husband’s church. Read my take on the subject here.

And I’m curious, do any of you attend churches where the PW does not attend? Are you a PW who is a member of another fellowship? Without dishonoring either position, I’d love to hear your thoughts.