The Ease of Giddiness


I am NOT pumped about my yard getting rolled last night but I am very happy to have four men in the house to clean it up. I’ve got a good guess as to who did the deed. Watch out shorties. Watch out. :))

It doesn’t take much to make me clap my hands and squeal. Here are a few things that have me pumped:

1. Our Women’s Banquet tomorrow night. I just stopped in to check out the progress of the table decorations. Each year a woman will host a table and then dress it however she sees fit. It astounds me how every table is completely different from the others. The ones that are complete already are amazing. I can not wait to see the rest. I’ll take plenty of pics – you’ll love it!

2. My friend Lisa is coming to be our Banquet speaker. I love her so much and can’t wait to hear what God’s been talking to her about lately. I am equally thrilled I’m not doing the teaching this year. Not because I don’t love it, but I’m due some soaking time. Not to mention my church girls have to be totally sick of hearing me rattle off. In my mind I sound just like Charlie Brown’s teacher. (WhaWhaWhaWhaaaa)

3. My Homies. In addition to the table pictures, it is my goal in life to get a picture of all our church bloggers tomorrow night. Y’all have no idea how many of my hometown girls blog! I’m such a loser at updating my blogroll but I’m really going to get that thing current if it kills me.

4. My hubby. He is so stinkin’ adorable on Football Game nights. I swear he gets as excited as the players. He is the team chaplain and loves those boys like crazy. He flutters around on Fridays like a teenage girl on her way to the mall. I just love it.

5. Automatic Car Washes. Seriously. How cool is it that I can pay $5, wash my Suburban in three minutes flat, and then have free vacuuming? American ingenuity, I salute you.

6. Just realized I’m seriously late getting my kids from school. Y’all have a great weekend!