2008 Ladies Banquet

As promised, here are a few of our banquet pictures. Our little fellowship building transforms quite attractively but I’m not lying when I say I CAN NOT WAIT until we begin our Life Center. We are totally out of room for partying and that will just not do.

The Buffet set up by our dear friend, Darlene. This girl has got the decorating skillz.

Keena, Wendy, Anita, Farrah, Holly, and Shannon. I don’t know if I can keep up with knowing every one’s name but so far, I’m 6 for 6!

April – that makes 7.

Tammy, Karri, Me, Kathy, and Lisa – our honored guest and speaker. Girlfriend brought it on being a cracked pot. Thanks for a great message, my friend.

Pay attention to the girl in the black sweater vest. She is here.

She is here.

She is here. No one can work a room like Jenny. Must be the politics in her DNA.

Beautiful room. Beautiful Girls.

Check out a few more of the tables. I don’t think I got a shot of every one’s because my camera batteries went dead. Imagine that.

I love fall decorations! Absolutely my favorite. Makes me think it’s almost time for…


Karri’s table was the unexpected. She said she wanted to do fall but with a twist. She spray painted foam pumpkins greens and purples and hand-dyed her napkins to match. Are you kiddin‘ me? It is jaw-dropping what this girl can do with a glue gun.

Love the purple and yellow…

Deedra’s mac daddy table. Her pumpkins were my favorite. Again, they were foam. I had no idea such a thing existed or that one could do so many things with them. If I had a creative bone in my body, I would tell you the possibilities are endless. As it is, I can’t think of one more thing I would do with them than what these girls already have. Do y’all have any ideas?

More fall…I’m loving the orange in Cindy’s table. Her dishes were completely awesome and somehow I didn’t get a picture of them. They were orange with white stripes across them. So cool.

That’s our shindig for this year! What kinds of things do you girls do for your women’s events? I always love some fresh ideas….