The Stability of Our Times

During my daily bible reading, I came across a little nugget I couldn’t wait to share with you.

In light of 700 Billion Bailouts and executives profiting from the ruination of a nation – and lo, even a world – it is tempting to develop a fatalistic outlook where our own futures our concerned. As Luke and I have watched our tiny nest egg shrivel to a nest shell, I have been guilty of a little anxiety over the economic crisis we are all facing. If we decide to buy a home one day instead of living in a parsonage, will that even be a possibility considering the hoops banks will now require we jump through to secure financing? Will we be able to buy a vehicle when the Suburban finally breathes her last? I don’t know. I’m a financial market dummy so I really don’t have a clear understanding on how all of this mess affects our day-to-day lives except for the fact our latest retirement statement made me shriek out loud.

We don’t have much, girls, but what we do have? Let’s just say I counted on keeping it. It’s baffling to me to think that the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth on Wall Street has the power to ripple through Small Town, USA. That someone not paying their mortgage in Hoboken, or St. Louis, or Los Angeles could somehow affect our personal savings. Truly, did anyone have any idea? Do we even know how we got to this place?

So now for the nugget. Hear with me the words of Isaiah 33:5-6, “The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; he will fill Zion with justice and righteousness, and He will be the stability of your times. Abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge, and fear of the Lord is Zion’s Treasure.”

He will be the stability of your times. Oh my goodness, you have no idea what those words do to me! Our God does not tremble nor does He move. He’s still up there, on His throne, guarding treasure for each of His beloved children. Indeed, He Himself is our very great reward. We were never called to accumulate an abundance of stuff, but an abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. We are not to fear the earthquakes rocking Wall Street, but our Lord who is the bedrock of our very souls.

There is no need to lament the times. Jesus said it would be like this. Even though these concerns have tickled the edge of my prayers, I haven’t come right out and asked God to !fix this God please fix this! because I’m a girl who believes there are consequences to godlessness and in these last days, those consequences will affect the godly with the ungodly. I word my prayers instead with “thy will be done” and “teach me not to worry about my temporal life”. Instead of dreading the headlines, let’s welcome them as the mother whose birth pains signal her child is near. Christ is coming and I can’t wait.

Even if we are stripped of every material thing, even if we lose our very lives, eternity waits. Our retirements may be dwindling but our inheritance remains secure.

Now, smile. We’ve got nothing to lose.