All Things Fall

First, a big thank you to Christian Bloggers Unite for featuring my blog this week. If you are visiting for the first time, I hope you find this site to be everything the CBU Team promised in their gracious description. For those of you who hang around here regularly, check out their website. It is full of great resources for the Christian blogger.

On to other news….

We had a fun, full, fall weekend. It will be best if I share it in pictures…

The Girl and I went to her best boy friend R’s costume birthday party. Seriously, could she have picked a taller crown? I suppose she chose that one because it matched her royal flip flops. The plastic glass slippers were killing her feet.

Here’s Girl, with best buddy, A. (Her mom, Holly, just started a blog. Go see her!) She ditched the crown but not the automatic ‘cheese’ mode she goes in to when the camera is out.

The Girl and her other ‘boyfriend’, B. Don’t you love this boxer costume? It completely cracked me up.

We took a group of kids from church to the Pumpkin Patch.

Uncle Clay and Aunt Tammy with Carter (Deedra’s darlin’ boy). He picked out his own John Deere gear for the trip. He’s smitten with anything green.

I love this picture of Ally and Rachel. Ally is Deb’s girl.

The Girl and Eldest. I was so glad he wanted to go with us. I keep waiting for him to boycott all kiddie activities. So far, he’s still willing to hang out with his mom. He’s such a great kid. Please tell me I won’t lose him when he turns 13!
Number Two Boy. We went to the Pumpkin Patch straight from a football game. He had just finished accidentally sticking his entire hand into a rotten pumpkin. I seriously thought he would throw up. Hilarious.

Look at this hunka hunka precious baby. This is Deedra’s Lilah.

My Number Three.. He looks like he is posing for a football picture. I’m praising the Lord his hair is growing back out after a summer buzz.

The Girl feeding a cow. I was really surprised she would let it get near her. I’m not a huge fan of the bovine but this one was so gentle and sweet-natured.

I can not even express the sheer exhaustion I’m feeling over this weekend but it was SO packed with fun. I love all things Fall and am thoroughly enjoying the season, trees full of toilet paper and all.

What do you enjoy most about this time of year?