Dangerously Transparent

Sweet Cathy asked me to tell all of you seven random things about myself. I wrote these in the order they happened in one particular 24-hour period. I hope you’ll still come back.

1. I walk down the hallway in our house with my eyes closed. It’s like a self-challenge to see if I can make it to the end without running into the walls.

2. I dance to the rhythm of the washing machine while folding clothes. My friend Mandy would understand. The agitation sounds like a tribal beat to me.

3. It completely freaks me out if a piece of clothing is hanging on the hanger the wrong direction. (The hook has to be facing left while looking at the front of the shirt.) I’d rather clothes be lying in the floor than hanging the wrong way.

4. I’ve been known to iron a shirt while wearing it. I don’t recommend it.

5. I distract easily. So easily in fact, I often pre-pay my gas at the one station in town and then drive off without pumping it. The girl who works there in the mornings now reminds me every single time I go in not to forget my fuel. How embarrassing.

6. Even though I finally have all my children in school, I have to leave the house to write. I can’t concentrate at home because of all the chores I should be doing. I wish I could be among the uber-cool who work at Starbucks or Panera but alas, those places do not exist in rural Alabama. I go to McDonald’s where the WiFi, Fox News and Diet Dr. Pepper refills abound. It’s quite an enjoyable little set up.

7. I’m ashamed to admit I have about seven of these tags in my ‘needs response’ email file folder. Obviously, I never responded. If I snubbed your tag, please refer to number 5 and consider this my holla back.

So I can retain a little bit of dignity, would you like to share one strange thing about yourself in the comments?

Of course you would. Go for it..