Sanctified Shampoo

I haven’t played Works for Me Wednesday in a while because frankly, I have run out of things that work for me. And the things that normally do? Now they fail me. Let’s just say I’m way off my WFM game.

But just when all seemed hopeless, a small change in my shampoo has given me huge relief in my pocketbook and cleaning routine. I think that qualifies me to play again!

Please tell me – am I the only one who has children who dump out shampoo? I buy the cheap Suave brand because I know, I know, they are inevitably going to squirt it out all in the shower. BUT, recently I bought a 1/2 liter of Tresemme‘ shampoo with a bonus salon pump for $3.87 and my life is changed. The kids can’t squirt it and I swear one bottle has lasted a month. I am so excited over this one silly little thing! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to beg Jesus’ forgiveness after getting hopping mad over shampoo messes so really, this little tip has enhanced my spiritual life as well.

And that, sisters, works for me.