Not Your Jesus

We look for perfect faithfulness from people and that is the last place it will ever be found.


I said it.

I was supposed to share that one simple thing Sunday morning – in front of the church people. I know this because as I prayed God impressed this thought on me so heavily it took my breath. First, I was afraid our Southern Baptist congregation would think I had gone all co-pastor on them. Ultimately however, I second-guessed myself into believing this was just one of my own random thoughts so I held my tongue.

And He hasn’t let me forget about it yet.

I thought a little more about how that could apply to me personally. I’ve been guilty of making someone a god who never wanted to be. Of depending on their obedience (or lack of it) to justify my own . Of trying harder to please a person than Christ – in essence making them an idol. (Any NOG girls out there?) There have been other times when I’ve been the person of whom too much was expected. Goodness knows if anyone is looking at me for a model of godliness, they’ll be sorely disappointed by the end of the day. I’ve also resented when I’ve been forcefully placed on a pedestal and then criticized when I fell from it. And then, worst of all, is when I have spent too much time trying to tweeze a splinter out of someone else’s eye when I had a telephone pole flopping around in my own because I wanted to make them better when they weren’t the one who needed fixing.

So practically what does this mean?

Girls, it’s time we worry about our own faithfulness instead of someone else’s. That we use the time we are complaining about other’s issues to get our own junk together. That we stop looking horizontally for perfection when we’ll only find it when our eyes are to the sky. Let’s ask ourselves: What if the person whose faithfulness we are questioning is looking back at ours? Could they be just as disillusioned?

(That was a right hook to my chin, girls. Truly, I’m beating myself up here.)

The point? There’s only one Jesus. Only one who is Perfect. Only one who will never let us down. Only one who can be fully relied upon no matter what the circumstance. Let’s cling to the hem of His robe and let everyone else in our lives off the hook for not taking care of us – or themselves – like only He can.

We’ll lead far less disappointing lives. Shoot, we may even get some joy back when we stop expecting a mere mortal to be our Jesus.

Can I get a witness?

“It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.” ~Psalm 118:8