And In My Spare Time I Enjoy Tearing My House Apart

Thanks to a much-too-generous Lowe’s gift card from some church members for Pastor Appreciation, I am going to attempt to get the kitchen painted and snazzed up a bit for the holidays. {Don’t tell Luke. He’ll croak.} I don’t know why I choose this time of year to get into major remodel projects. I guess it’s the pressure of , “I want my house to look pretty for the company I may or may not get around to inviting over.” Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of holiday parties with lots of family and friends and freshly baked candies stacked on tiered servers. It’s the follow through I have problems with.

Anyway, I bought some darling curtains I wanted to show you but can’t find them online for a picture. And, as always, my camera battery is dead. Even though you can’t see them, visualize big-block plaid with chocolate, rust, olive, and gold. Just beautiful! I’m so excited!

One of the other projects I want to undertake is painting our kitchen chairs. {I’m thinking black or deep chocolate} They are in need of some refurbishing and re-upholstering. So here is my question to you crafty girls out there: What is the best way to paint wood so that it won’t chip and end up looking funky? They are good chairs and I don’t want to mess them up. For obvious reasons, I’m really hope stripping is not in my future. {lol..that sounds funny} So if any of you trash-to-treasure miracle workers know of wonder products or techniques that will help, please, please help a sister out!

By the way, I’ll totally be doing a before and after – as soon as I get some batteries.

That is if Luke doesn’t read this post and ban me from Lowe’s.