It Is Definitely Her Pleasure

My hilarious, adorable, awesome niece Kayla just started her first job working for Chic-fil-A. Out of respect for her personal safety and to preserve her job security, I’ll not disclose the location. (Just know it’s not Lysa T.‘s :) Here are thoughts she shared with the family from her first few weeks on the job:

These are the rules for people who want to purchase fast food:

1) Dont be a deaf old man who cant hear my questions (or at least dont yell when i ask them… I have to do it)

2) dont have gross breath

3) wash your nasty hands before you hand me money

4) dont tell your kids to lie and say they didnt get a toy in their kid’s meal so they can get extra ice cream

5) make sure your coupons (if cut out of a newspaper) are not torn in half

6) dont hand me change after i hit the total button

7) dont let your kids rub their nasty hands ALL OVER the windows, doors, tables, chairs, ME!

8) if your over the age of 12…. and are def. drunk. dont ask for 1000 balloons

9) dont ask me to hold an ice cream coupon til after you eat…. hold it your self lazy

10) if you do order your ice cream the same time you get your food. dont complain that it’s melting

11) If you are in the middle of delivering pizza…. dont come through our drive through…. deliver your pizza…lol

12) dont pull up to the drive through then yell at ur kids asking them wat they want…. KNOW WHAT THEY WANT


14) dont ask what our strips taste like….. they’re just big nuggets

15) when in doubt about what sauce to get… our polenesian and chick-fil-a sauces are BOSS

and that’s purrty much it haha

So now when a 16 year old ChicFilA employee tells you, “It’s my pleasure!” you know what they are really thinking..

And Kayla, I apologize. I’m totally guilty of numbers 6 and 12..:)))

Anybody else wanna confess?