Searching for Winners

Sorry it has taken me so long to announce the winners of the Megan DiMaria Spice Series giveaway. I won’t bore with the details of my neurotically, psychotically, overcommitted life.

You are so very, very welcome.

Again, I did not use the random number generator because dadgummit, I can not stand trying to count comments. Is Blogger working on that? Geesh. We’ve developed our own Russian Roulette version of randomness round here that involves scrolling my cursor up and down with my eyes closed and having my kids point at names when the screen comes to a stand still. It’s effective and I hope considered fair.

Here are the winners of ‘Searching for Spice’:

Sandra at 8 Reasons
Cheri @ Keeping Up With His Plans
Sallye @ The Garden Experience

And ‘Out of Her Hands’:

Brandie @ Paradise
Shannon @ Sunshine and Open Hearts
Cora @ The Adventures of the Sykes Family

Congratulations everyone! Please email your addresses so we can send your books along! Thanks again Megan for such a great giveaway. If you didn’t win, please feel free to use the links in my sidebar to order your own copies. I’m almost finished with Spice. So far, my favorite part has been when the teenage daughter accidentally (kind of) poisons her teacher. What does that say about me? Grab the book and find out. You’ll be grateful for the light-hearted read in view of all the madness in the world.

Happy Wednesday!