Just Another Manic Monday…

So obviously this isn’t Monday but I ran across this post while looking for something else and quickly realized what a sentimental time capsule it was for me. It is originally dated March of 2007. {I only began blogging the month before.} God had been speaking intensely to me for a few months about not being afraid to do something a little bit bigger for Him (though I had no clue what that would look like) and I was answering, “I can’t.. I can’t.. I’m not enough!” He was also pressing me to sit still and focus – unfortunately, He’s still having to reinforce that message. However, what touched me the most were the comments. It’s especially funny to see Patty say….”I’ve been here twice now..” Patty, who knew? lol

So anyway, I don’t think it’s any accident I ran across this today so hopefully you’ll enjoy a repost :)

In my continued study of Moses I am reminded of the God’s gracious enforcement of quiet and solitude in this man’s life. Though I am certain it did not feel like an act of blessing at the time, peace and rest are necessary in order for our spiritual house to be built. I will be experiencing an enforcement of stillness tomorrow. My vehicle will be in the shop and I am already breaking out in hives.

Have you ever seen those ocean documentaries that show fish whose bodies are designed to live at a certain depth? Let them go deeper and they’ll implode or come up to close to the surface and they will explode? Fascinating. I think I am like one of those fish – designed for a certain amount of activity or something is going to blow.

My prayers as of late have been centered around asking God to show me what activities I am currently engaged in that ‘exceed the call’. Because I believe so strongly He has given me a ministry to women, I understand it is time to begin saying ‘no’ in areas that fall outside those boundaries. The letters N – O are like the Q and X of my alphabet….much needed but seldom used. However, God is making it clear to me now is the time to develop a single-minded focus on eternal things. I think it best to willingly hand Him my days in hopes of avoiding His Enforcing Hand on the matter.

I must make it abundantly clear that just because I feel this urgency to make these changes does not mean I expect a life of leisure. May I share with you when I feel my rest will be ordained? Follow me to Deuteronomy 3 for the explanation.

In this chapter, Moses is recounting the distribution of land to the Israelite tribes. He tells the men of the tribes who are given land in the east bank their families can settle, but they must fight with their brothers until they are at rest. It is only then they will be free to go home and rest themselves. Hear Deut. 3:19, “But your wives and your little ones and your livestock (I know you have much livestock) shall remain in your cities which I have given you, until the Lord gives rest to your fellow countrymen as to you, and they also possess the land which the Lord your God will give them beyond the Jordan. Then you may return every man to his possession which I have given you.”

My heart’s desire is for all of us to possess the land – spiritually speaking of course. To experience the peace and rest and abundance of God Almighty. A place we can live unhindered, unashamed, unbound with our faces ever towards the sky. Will you hear my heart and believe me when I say that God has placed such a heavy burden on my heart for you? I will not rest until you do. If I can cross the river with you, fight alongside you in your battles, and help you settle in…Wow. What more could a girl ask for in life? I can’t enjoy mine until you are enjoying yours. This same passion is for my family as well. Short of heaven, they deserve haven. I pray I’m giving that to them.

It is on my heart today to let you know how I dearly love all of you – whether you be family, old friend, or new to the sistahood…Thank you for giving me courage…I hope to give it back.

Blessings on you, my sisters!