O Title, Thou Dost Elude Me

I have no idea what to write.

Seriously. I’ve started this post, like, five times already and not one single thing makes any sense. I swear you would think after a few days of rest from putting any thoughts to screen that I would be all refreshed and ready to crank out some truly mediocre material. The reality is not putting thoughts to screen has liquefied my jello-brain to mush.

And it doesn’t help that I’m listening to a steady drone of how-to-dress-as-an-individual tips from Disney Star Selena Gomez. {Though her scarf is rockin‘. I wonder if I could still pull that off?}

I think the fact I just used the word ‘rockin‘ answers my own question.

Also hindering my ability to think is the house full of kids who didn‘ t have school today because we had a measly one inch of snow on the ground. It’s no wonder the south is mocked by those north of the Mason-Dixon. When it comes to our inability to drive in inclement weather, we flat out deserve it. You can make fun of that all you want as long as my beloved word “y’all” is left out of it.

You can make fun of my driving but don’t mess with my Dixie. Some things are sacred.

So anyway, I never told y’all about my favorite Black Friday deal. Most of the things I picked up were pretty nondescript. (That word is for you Cindy Day..) However, one bargain I found still defies logic.

I’ve been in a redecorating mood as of late. My oldest son desperately needs a more grown up room. For some reason, the Man Child wants the picture off his wall that hung in his nursery. Next he’ll want me to take down the mobile.

Geesh. You’d think he was going on fourteen instead of thirteen.

To make him happy and keep him from getting embarrassed over his current digs, I’ve been on the lookout for a new manly comforter. And y’all…did I EVER come through for my baby! While I was in JC Penneys, I found this. (I chose neutral.)

The bedding set I bought included this quilt, two shams, and a brown coverlet. It was regularly priced at $250 and I got it for $63.90. I still have no idea how! I guess it was 75% off? Or rung incorrectly? Either way, I couldn’t jerk the salesgirl’s arm off fast enough. It looks so great in Man Child’s room. I’m going to paint his room a lovely shade of blue and call it done, son.

Until I move on to The Girl’s room that is.

Speaking of which, here are a couple of things I’m considering for her. I like this because she is in love with green and brown. It’s also much cuter in person. She also likes this (too wild?). And she LOVES this (what color to paint the walls?). Now I just have to wait on an awesome price reduction to help make the final decision.

So I’m curious. Did you do Black Friday? What sales are you still squealing over?? It’s no fun getting a deal if you don’t brag about it!