My Feng Has Lost Its Shui

I’m in the middle of a decorating dilemma.

We put the Christmas tree up last night and I decided last minute it just had to go in front of the window instead of the same place behind the sofa where it has been for three years now. What is unbelievable about the sentence I just typed is the fact WE have been in the same place for three – now four – years. Prior to now our record for Christmases in one home is TWO.

Ahh, ministry. The stability you bring.

So anyway, I love to rearrange furniture but our living room holds few options considering our entertainment monstrosity has to go on one certain wall and there are doorways, pathways, etc. that hinder other arrangements. Since it is Christmas, I’m willing to deal with a little bit of unusualness in furniture placement but what I’ve got going on right now has totally thrown off my chi.

And I’m not talking about my flat iron. I don’t have a Chi flat iron but if any of y’all are feeling generous….

{Disclaimer: I should probably pause here to assure you I do not ascribe to Asian philosophy. It’s humor, peeps. Or an attempt anyway.}

So as of right now my coffee table is what’s throwing me all out of whack. It’s in an awkward spot and sits right in front of the tree from one angle, but looks okay from the other. Tell me, would this drive y’all crazy?

See, it’s sort of okay this way……..

…..but awkward here. Granted to see it from this angle you have to be standing in a doorway and not seated in the room.

I tried moving the table out all together but then the room looks so bare in the middle.

Tell me – Am I totally overreacting? Am I just afraid of change? Is this really nothing considering our Lord was born in a cave?

Wow. I mean, WOW. I think I just answered my own question.

I feel better now.

Going to set up my nativity and finish decorating that tree now. (In the first picture did y’all notice that rogue limb on the tree bottom that needs chopping? That’s driving me crazy, too. Where are those dern trimmers?!?!)

*Breathe, Lisa. Remember Jesus, Lisa*

As you were.