Catch Me If You Can

I haven’t intended on being so absent from ye ‘ole blog for the past few days but the truth is – it’s just unavoidable. I’m a girl who needs some concentration to come up with even the lamest of posts and lately I haven’t been able to put a pair of minutes together.

I do have a few things to tell you about when I get the chance to sit a spell. There’s my beautiful Christmas tree that I finally finished decorating. (Saving that for Boomama’s Tour of Homes!) There’s the STRONG Word Jesus is laying on me from 1 Corinthians 16 about the need for Christians to quit being so dern wimpy. {That is myself included. And for the record, Jesus didn’t say dern. That was all mine.} There’s the trip to the mall with a pack of 5th and 6th graders complete with bungee jumping and snake petting. There’s a ball of bacteria my son bought that still has me gagging. There’s my husband’s driving skillz coming over a dark, foggy mountain last night and my full blown panic attack during the trip. But in happier thoughts, there is also the package I received today from Jeanne Winters with her fabulous new book, Inspirational Home, and faith magnets inside. I’m going to definitely tell you more about her book because just glancing through the pages of simple craft projects has my OCD kicked into high gear. {In the meantime, y’all look for her in Hallmark Stores!)

I just realized I almost spelled Hallmark, H-a-l-l-m-a-r-T, instead. I guess that would be like the budget, hoopty Hallmark. You won’t find Jeanne’s stuff there.

Just so you know.

Okay, I’ve got to jump off here and dry my hair before the frizz takes over.

Happy Wednesday! Go to church tonight even if you don’t want to!

It’ll make your pastor very happy.

And Jesus, too.

p.s. There are currently 294 emails (this time I am not exaggerating) in my Inbox. If you’ve been so sweet as to ask me a question or request something of me – I promise I’ll be in touch soon!