So I went to Walmart yesterday – my alltime favorite place to be during the holidays. *cough snort hack* Thankfully the trip was pretty uneventful until I got to the parking lot.

As I was loading my packages in the car I felt growing pressure from my cart against my leg. I turned to look and LO, A CAR WAS BACKING IN TO ME.

I hurried and jumped out of the way as another man came to my rescue to yell at the driver of the vehicle. The poor guy never did stop backing into me until he had the cart thoroughly crushed between his bumper and mine. Finally his little straight-shift stalled and his car died.

He never did figure out what he’d done.

The car cranked again and the fellow pulled into a parking space. Both the knight-in-shining-armor man and I stood there in disbelief that the driver never even knew what’d just happened. Then it dawned on me…he may be elderly.

I ran over to his car to make sure he was okay. A darlin’ older gentleman climbed out of the car and said, “Well hi there, little lady!” Never had a clue he’d almost chopped my legs off.

I said, “Are you okay? I don’t think your car is hurt and neither is mine but I was afraid you may be shaken up.”

He: “I know! I just felt some car run in to me! Did you see it?”

Yeah, dude. I saw it. I felt it.


I said, “As long as you’re okay that’s all that matters.” And I did mean that from the bottom of my heart.

He thanked me for checking on him and walked away.

I haven’t been able to quit thinking about that sweet man. Can’t imagine how painful it is when it’s time to hang up the keys. I wonder if he has anyone to help him get his groceries if he does. I wonder if he has a wife at home to take care of him. I wonder if he has a Savior.

And I wish I had tried harder to pin him in that parking lot long enough to find out.