Would You Encourage My Favorite Sailor?

SATURDAY UPDATE: Thank you all SO much for your outpouring of well wishes on Hayli. I’m overwhelmed at your precious responses and at how many of you have military backgrounds. Who Knew?! I got a text from her last night and she still hasn’t been in the building where she has internet service so can I ask you to continue sending the love through the weekend? It’s a lonely life for a sailor girl whose friends have all moved on from Boot Camp without her (She was anemic and held back awaiting medical clearance that never came). She LOVES mail call and so let this be our way to give her a whole stack of ‘cards’ for her special day. THANK YOU AGAIN! I feel like a mom who can’t wait for her girl to open her Christmas presents! :)

I have a dear twenty-something friend Hayli who is newly enlisted in the Navy. To make a long story short, she is stuck in boot camp awaiting orders for her next assignment. I know God has delayed her for a reason because she has had opportunity upon opportunity to spread His name on her base. However, it bums me out that the poor thang is on duty today – HER BIRTHDAY!

She has a new blog called A Sailor’s Nonsense. Can I ask my sisters in the Lord to go visit her today and give her a Happy Birthday blessing? It will thrill her beyond belief for y’all to say hi.

I knew I could count on you.

As you were. :)